What My Clients Say

I have known Mr. Holmes for about 10 years.  He has a reputation of being honest, thorough, generous and spiritual.

Dr, Nate Wirt, PhD:

I have known Bob Holmes and have had a number of dealing with him since 2001. He is knowledgeable and professional, and I have been very pleased with the results. Experience is important, and Bob has the ability to provide good advice and recommendations, as well as the patience to listen and explain things from a common sense approach. He gets the job done in a fair and timely manner.

Mr. Doug Harkrider
Precision Industries / a DXP Company

I have been friends with Bob for more than 20 years and remember when Bob started his business.

Bob has done multiple realestate deals as broker on my Commercial Projects, he performed in a professional manner making my clients very happy and becomming a repeat Broker on their projects.

Recently Bob was comissioned to sell my partner’s and my Commercial Building, he was able to meet our agressive sales deadline, recieve the best deal we both could agree upon and closing the agreement sucessfuly for all stake holders.

Being a Broker for two equal partners that had recently split up was extreamly difficult and trying at times however; Bob lead me thru the process sucessfully.

I was truly blessed to have Bob in my life, It is my belief God put him in my Life.

Michael Porterfield

Thank you so much for your handling of the sale of my condominium property in Kemah, Texas. I have been a general contractor and home builder for over 50 years. I have experienced the sale and closing of hundreds of real estate transactions, but none more professionally and pleasantly handled than your sale of this property. Thanks again. I will be in touch for future sales.

Jesse W. Jones, Sr.

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